Esther’s unexpected entrance to the king

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Esther’s unexpected entrance to the King: [1]

On the third day of the fast Esther entered the king’s inner chambers without receiving royal permission. Esther found favor in the king’s eyes and he passed her the scepter, hence indicating her vindication from the capital offense. He asked Esther as to what is her request and that up to half the kingdom he will grant her. Esther replied that she desires the king and Haman to come to a royal banquet. Haman was hastily summoned to the feast.



How did Esther enter to the king’s chamber?

Esther wore beautiful garments and was escorted by two maidservants whom she used to support herself to enter.[2] She was accompanied by three angels. One angel lifted her neck, another angel caused a string of kindness to hover over her, and a third angel stretched the scepter towards her.[3] Upon entering the kings chambers Esther prayed to Hashem “Keily Keily Lama Azavtani” [Psalm 22]. This is because when she entered the chambers she felt the Ruach Hakodesh ascend form her.[4]


What was the king’s reaction when he saw Esther?[5]

When the king saw Esther he became infuriated that she disobeyed his orders and came without permission. Esther lifted her eyes and saw the wrath boiling in the Kings face. She became confused and panicked, causing her head to fall on the shoulder of the maidservant. Hashem made a miracle and made her suddenly appear beautiful in the eyes of the king, and this aroused his mercy for her. The king quickly stood up from his throne and ran towards Esther, hugging and kissing her. He put his arm around her neck and told her not to be afraid as the above law is not applicable to the queen. Esther replied that she became frightened from the great glory of the king’s presence.

Another Midrash[6] states that the king turned his face away from Esther when she entered in order not to see her and an angel came and forced him to look at Esther. He stretched the scepter towards Esther although she did not have any strength to touch it. The angel Michael came and pushed her until she touched it.


What did Achashveirosh offer Esther?[7]

The king understood that Esther must have a great request from him, to the point that she was willing to risk her life to make this request. He therefore told her that he will grant any request except for one that will divide his kingdom. This referred to his refusal to grant the Jews the ability to rebuild the Temple.


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