The Laws & Customs of Sukkos-Summary Edition




This summary edition is a complete and all encompassing summary of all the laws relating to Sukkos, including: The building and Kashrus of the Sukkah, the Mitzvah to dwell in the Sukkah, the Mitzvah of Daled Minim, and its Kashrus laws, The Holiday laws of Sukkos, Chol Hamoed, Hoshanah Raba, Shemini Atzeres and Simchas Torah!

Table of Contents:

  • Shaar Hachassidus-Chassidic insights on Sukkos
  • 1. The Holiday:
  • 2. The Sukkah
  • 3. The Daled Minim

Chapter 1: The Sukkah

  • Building the Sukkah:
  • The laws of the Sechach:
  • The Mitzvah of dwelling in a Sukkah

Chapter 2: The Laws of Daled Minim

  • 1.The general laws:
  • 2.General Kashrus laws of the Daled Minim
  • 3.The Lulav
  • 4.The Esrog:
  • 5.The Hadassim
  • 6.The Aravos

Chapter 3: The Laws and customs of the Holiday

  • 1.Erev Sukkos
  • 2.The First day[s] of Yom Tov:
  • 3.Chol Hamoed:
  • 4.Hoshanah Raba
  • 5.Shemini Atzeres:
  • 6.Simchas Torah
  • 7.After Sukkos:

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