The Laws & Customs of Sukkos




Shehechiyanu Vekiyimanu Vehigiyanu Lizman Hazeh! For so long the English speaking public has awaited a Sefer on one of the most cherished and law filled Holiday’s, the Holiday of Sukkos. So many people thirst for background information on the Sukkah and Daled Minim. The abundance of details; laws, customs, Chumros/stringencies can be quite overwhelming. This 500 page reader friendly Sukkos digest that is all about you-the Sukkos consumer. The Sefer provides the highest caliber of information in both scholarship and organization, that will simplify and clarify all your Sukkos questions in all the Sukkos related subjects, including the Kashrus of the Sukkah, the Mitzvah of dwelling in the Sukkah, the Kashrus of the Daled Minim and the details of the performance of their Mitzvah, the Holdiays laws of Sukkos, Hoshana Raba, Shemini Atazeres and Simchas Torah! A must have for every Jewish and Chassidic Home!•All laws and customs that you need to know!•Full chapters on Chabad customs and Chumros.

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