Kedushas Habayis: A comprehensive guide on Siman Reish Mem




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The purpose of this Sefer is to provide the English-speaking public the full breadth of Halachic and Hashkafic knowledge on everything related to the subject of intimacy. This book is primarily a compilation of Halachic rulings and sources which are scattered throughout the Talmud and Poskim, as well as the acts of piety recorded in the Sifrei Mussar and Kabbalah. Gathering all this Halachic information compiled from hundreds of sources into a single book, will allow the reader to research any questions he may have relating to marital intimacy, as sensitive and shy as it may be. Another aspect of this book is the delineation of the proper perspective that a Jew should have towards intimacy according to Torah and the classical works of Mussar and Kabbalah. There is a unique Jewish philosophy recorded regarding intimacy, and being indoctrinated with this perspective is as important as the study of the laws themselves. With this book we desire to encourage Jewish couples to perform intimacy in a most pious and holy manner, and to give them the knowledge to differentiate between law and stringency so they can know when and where they maintain the flexibility to be lenient, if needed. We aspire that the raising of the level of Kedusha that this book is set to influence will have a long and lasting effect on the current and coming generation, meriting the Jewish people with pure and holy children.

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