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Giving Tzedaka at night

Post Views: 17 Giving Tzedaka at night:[1] A. The law: Based on Kabbalah, one is to avoid giving charity at night [until midnight, if he is able to give the charity during daytime].[2] [However, from the letter of the law it is certainly permitted to do so, and it is

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Katlanis-Remarrying after two or more deaths of previous spouses

Post Views: 51 Katlanis-Remarrying after two or more deaths of previous spouses r”l:[1] Widow: A woman who became widowed twice [was married or Halachically engaged/Mekudeshes twice, and each of her husbands passed away during the marriage, or after the Kiddushin before the Nessuin[2]] is not to remarry a third time

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From the Rav’s Desk: Switching Chazan after Yishtabach

Post Views: 90 Question: [Sunday, 10th Kisleiv, 5783] I was asked to switch the Chazan by Yishtabach, and I accidentally already finished Pesukei Dezimra and said Yishtabach by the time it came time for me to switch when the Chazan for Pesukei Dezimra reached Yishtabach. What am I to do?

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