The Practical Laws of Meat & Milk





This Sefer was published alongside, and based on, our previous Sefer called “A Semicha Aid for learning the Laws of Basar Bechalav” and its new revised edition. While our previous Sefer and its new edition cater specifically to the needs of the Semicha learning student and his corresponding curriculum, this Sefer is catered to all individuals who desire to know the practical laws of Basar Bechalav for their daily life, outside of the Semicha learning. This Sefer contains summarized compilations of all the practical Basar Bechalav subjects discussed in its corresponding book, although omits the less common subjects, and subjects that are not relevant to the subject of Basar Bechalav [but happen to be part of the Semicha curriculum, due to it being included in chapters 87-97]. The organization of the two books are also very different. While this book organizes the topics in accordance to relevance and subject, the corresponding Sefer organizes the topics according to chapters 87-97 in the Shulchan Aruch, following the Semicha curriculum. Thus, this Sefer contains a much advantageous practical organization of the laws, which can serve the Semicha student much use later on, when desiring to simply look up a question, or learn the practical laws in the most organized way possible. This Sefer also contains a much-needed chapter discussing the Kosher kitchen, its utensils and appliances, vis–a-vis Basar Bechalav, which is a must read for all Jewish households in order to maintain a proper Kosher kitchen. This chapter is not part of the classical curriculum of study in Semicha ordination, and has hence not been included in the corresponding book, although its knowledge is a necessity of Jewish life. Thus, for the Semicha student to receive a complete grasp of all the laws of Basar Bechalav, both in theory and practice, we highly suggest the purchase of both volumes, even though for the most part it is a repeat of information that would already have been gained in the corresponding Semicha aid book. Those who desire to only purchase one Sefer, should choose the right one in accordance to their goals. If their goal is to have knowledge of Basar Bechalav as required in the Semicha curriculum, then the corresponding Semicha aid Sefer is to be purchased, and not the current one. Those who simply desire to learn the practical laws for their daily life, are to purchase this Sefer and not the corresponding Semicha Aid.

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