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We, at, are dedicated to your personal Torah learning and growth. We understand that the course you chose for enrollment, or general program, may not seem fit for you once you are inside, despite its original appeal. We therefore issue refunds for our courses within 15 days from the time we enroll you into the course, prior to any assignments and tests being graded. There is no contingency or stipulation for the refund, and it may be requested for any reason. The refund does not cover the registration fee or book fees, which was included in the total course payment, and these costs will be deducted from your final refund.

We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues with our courses, and we will help navigate you with the issues you are facing, and if necessary issue a refund, upon your request, within the timetable of the refund policy.

Taaruvos-Home Study Semicha Course


Taaruvos-Home Study Semicha Course






The Taaruvos course consist of Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 99-111

Content: Learning material workbook and textbook is provided upon enrollment. The course modules contain tests and assignment, per topic or chapter. The student works his way through each section until completion of the course. The students progress and assignments are directly overseen by Semicha aid author Rabbi Yaakov Goldstein,  dean of HSSP and director of


Learning Material provided to student:

The student is provided with our textbook Sefer on the laws of Taaruvos and a special workbook for note taking. These books are included within the tuition costs.  The original Hebrew text of the Shulchan Aruch is not included and students will need to purchase it on their own. Links are provided in our course for all the learning material, if you wish to learn online.


Intended Audience

Advanced. This is an advanced Semicha subject traditionally studied for Rabbinical ordination. You may choose to take this course as part of our Semicha program [pending prior acceptance], or for personal knowledge. This course is very useful for Rabbinical students who are currently enrolled in a Taaruvos course in their ordination program and would like a corresponding Online learning system to help them through the course, challenge them with assignments and quizzes to sharpen their knowledge and grasp of the material.


The tuition cost for joining this course is $300. When paying online we add the transaction fee, for a total of $310. For other options of payment, such as check or direct bank transfer, please contact us here.

Orientation & Our Learning Management System

All of our courses are offered in a virtual classroom setting, based on the Advanced Canvas learning management system, used amongst colleges and universities throughout the world.

Here is an orientation video meant for students looking into our virtual classrooms:

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