Basar Bechalav course





The Basar Bechalav course consists of the study of chapters 87-97 in Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah

Content: A major Kashrus course covering all the laws relating to separation between Meat & Milk and meat/milk forbidden mixtures. Learning material workbook and textbook is provided upon enrollment. The course modules contain tests and assignment, per topic or chapter. The student works his way through each section until completion of the course. The students progress and assignments are directly overseen by Semicha aid author Rabbi Yaakov Goldstein,  dean of HSSP and director of

Intended Audience

Advanced. This is an advanced Semicha subject traditionally studied for Rabbinical ordination. You may choose to take this course as part of our Semicha program [pending prior acceptance], or for personal knowledge. This course is very useful for Rabbinical students who are currently enrolled in a Melicha course in their ordination program and would like a corresponding Online learning system to help them through the course, challenge them with assignments and quizzes to sharpen their knowledge and grasp of the material.

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