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Todays daily learning is dedicated in memory of "Nochum ben Yisroel Ber, z"l" May his soul be bound with the Rock of Life. תנצבה

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A Baal Yartzite takes precedence over a Chasan to get an Aliyah on Mondays or Thursdays unless his Chuppa took place the night before in which case he is a Chiyuv the next morning. Likewise, on the Shabbos after the Chasuna, if it took place past Wednesday night, he comes before a Baal Yartzite.

See M”A 282 in end; P”M 135 M”Z 2; Biur Halacha 136:1 “Beshabbos Veyom Tov”; See Piskeiy Teshuvos 136:6


See Admur 25:38; M”A 25:28; Shach Y.D. end of 265:24; Kitzur SHU”A 10:19; Od Yosef Chaiy Chayeh Sarah 1; Kaf Hachaim 25:92; Os Chaim Vehsalom 25:18; Beir Moshe 8:55; See Levush 29; P”M 31 M”Z 1; Igros Moshe 4:101; Piskeiy Teshuvos 25:29 footnote 221; Otzer Habris 3:8-4; Pesakim Uteshuvos 265:46;

Chabad custom: So responded Rav Eli Landa to our question that there is no such custom by Chabad to remove the Tefillin before the Bris, and on the contrary when it takes place after Shacharis the Tefillin would remain worn, at least of Rabbeinu Tam. See however Hearah 2 of Rav Raskin on Siddur, new edition, who leaves this matter in question.


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