Memorzing Ha’azinu

Memorzing Ha’azinu Parshas Haazinu, is known as the “song of testimony”; the song that carries with it the testimony of the Jewish people’s observance of G-d’s commandments and the effects of the lack of this observance. There is an ancient tradition of memorizing the Song of Haazinu.[1] The verse[2] states, […]

Shabbos Shuva Laws & Customs

 This article is an excerpt from our Sefer Buy me here or on 1. Shabbos Shuva [Teshuvah[1]]: A. The meal: A Mitzvah to eat:[2] It is forbidden to fast on Shabbos Teshuvah.[3] Dipping the Challah in honey:[4] During the Shabbos meals, after Hamotzi, one dips the Challah in honey. Nevertheless, one should also […]