Who was the son of Esther? Koreish or Daryaveish?

Who was the son of Esther? Koreish or Daryaveish? 

The Midrash[1] states that Esther was pregnant from Achashveirosh and had a miscarriage as soon as she heard of the decree to annihilate the Jewish people. She never had children after this event. Others however say that she did have a child called Daryaveish later on in her life.[2] Others say that this child was also known as Koreish, and had two names, Koreish and Daryaveish.[3] [Rashi says that Koreish was the king who preceded Achashveirosh, and that Daryaveish was the son of Esther and Achashveirosh who built the second Temple. However, Rav Sadya Gaon holds that Koreish and Daryaveish were one and the same person. Amongst secular sources, some state that her son was Koreish while others state her sone was Daryaveish.]


[1] Yalkut Shimoni 1056; Esther Raba 26

[2] Rshi Ezra 1:1; 4:24

[3] Rav Sadya Gaon on Ezra 1:1 “This is Koreish, the son of Achashveirosh, the son of Esther. The sages teach us, that Koreish, Daryaveish, and Araschashasta are one and the same. He is called Koreish because he was a Kosher king. He was called Daryaveish because the Jewish people searched for God and proper lineage in his time”

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