Daily Chumash Wednesday Acharei Mos-Not to offer a sacrifice outside of the Temple



1.     Not to offer a sacrifice outside of the Temple:

·      One who does not bring the offering to the Temple, and rather slaughters it in the camp, or outside the camp, is liable for Kares. Since he did not bring the sacrifice before Hashem, in the Mishkan, it is considered like blood for that man. He has spilled blood and he shall be cut off from his people. The Jewish people are to bring the Karban to the Mishkan before Hashem, to the Kohen, and have it slaughtered there. The Kohen will sprinkle its blood and offer its fat as a satisfying aroma for Hashem. They shall no longer slaughter their sacrifices to the demons who they stray after. This is an eternal law for all generations.

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