The Tanach Summary Series: Sefer Shmuel 1




Many scholarly and academic books of translations and explanations of Tanach have been printed and made available to the English-speaking public. The intent of this book is not to serve as a translation of the text in scripture, or as a depiction of every detail mentioned in scripture, which has already been done justice to in the various works currently available. The intent of this book is to serve as a general outline and summary of the topics that are discussed in each book of Navi. Since I was a small child, I have always taken interest in Tanach, as do many, and used various scholarly books that translate and explain the Tanach. However, I felt that amongst all the available English [and even Hebrew] literature, there is one very basic non-particularly scholarly work that is fundamentally needed, and that is a basic summary and outline of the events in Tanach. Well, its finally here; an outline and summary of the entire book of Shmuel 1, one chapter at a time. This work will help Jews world over to fulfill one of the basic Biblical commands of Torah learning which includes an obligation upon all males to study and become an expert in the content of all of the books of Tanach. It is my humble wish that the Sefer will assist its readers in all the above and bring a day when the knowledge of G-d fills the entire earth like the water fills the seas.

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