Daily Tanya 23rd Nissan Chapter 42: Quick re-contemplation can re-arouse the fear


(LY) 23rd Nissan

  1. Quick re-contemplation can re-arouse the fear:
  • Every single Jew, be whoever he may be, when he contemplates daily and for a lengthy period of time how Hashem fills all the worlds, the upper and lower worlds, and His glory actually fills the entire earth, and He looks, stares, and evaluates mans every thought, speech, and action, and every step that he may take, then he will be able to establish fear in his heart for the entire day.
  • A short contemplation can re-arouse the fear: After doing the above exercise to arouse the fear, then even a short and slight contemplation of the above at any time throughout the day can re-arouse the fear.
  • A fear of sin: This fear will prevent man from committing evil, and promote him to do good, in his thought, speech, and action, in order so he does not rebel against G-d who fills the entire earth, as stated Rebbe Yochanon Ben Zakkai to his students, as stated above in chapter 41.
  • A fear that brings to fulfillment of the commands: It is the above quality of fear that is referred to in the verse which commands man to fear G-d and to follow G-d in all of his ways. This fear refers to the above form of fear which motivates man to fulfill the commands of G-d and abstain from performing evil and brings him to perform good. This level of fear is called Yirah Tatah.
  • Easily attainable by the aspect of Moshe found in every soul: This level of fear is very easily attainable by the aspect of Moshe and Daas that each Jew has incorporated within his G-dly soul, and hence is referred to as a small matter.
  • Daas makes one conscious of the subconscious: The reason for this is because the aspect of Daas has ability to attach that which is hidden in the heart with the revealed mind.

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