Semicha Aid-Melicha


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This Sefer is in continuation of our previous Semicha Aids published on Shabbos; Basar Bechalav and Taaruvos to help the student of Rabbinical ordination in organizing and clarifying the laws studied under the Semicha curriculum. Emphasis is placed in applying the laws to practical life examples. The lucid summaries and clear organization of the Halachas helps the learner to fully grasp the Semicha subject with all of its commentaries. The book contains a full summary of the Michaber, Rama, Shach, Taz Shulchan Aruch Harav, and other commentaries. It is a must buy for anyone who wants to get a clear and proper grasp of the subject, and is ideal for use in review for the exams. Haskamas: The Sefer contains Haskamas from Rabbi Boaz Yurkavitch, Rav of Chabad in Lod. And Rabbi M.M. Gluchovsky, the Chabad Rav of Rechovot, and member of Beis Din Rabbanei Chabad.

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