The Shabbos Kitchen: Food related laws on Shabbos




This Sefer includes a most comprehensive compilation of Halachas dealing with food and the kitchen on Shabbos. The information has been compiled from our previous Shabbos titles, including our three volumes in the Shabbos Semicha aid series. The Halachos of Shabbos that relate to the kitchen are scattered throughout the Shulchan Aruch and in our previous volumes, and the purpose of this Sefer is to compile all the food and kitchen relevant Halachos into a comprehensive Halacha, organized according to chapter. It includes the following subjects of Halachos of Shabbos as they relate to the kitchen and Shabbos meals: Erev Shabbos; The Blech; Insulating foods before and on Shabbos; Heating and cooking Foods On Shabbos; Electrical Appliances; Muktzah In The Shabbos Kitchen; Cutting, Tearing, & Opening Items On Shabbos; Spreading, Smoothening & “Fixing” Foods On Shabbos; Borer Laws And Restrictions; Squeezing Juice From Fruits/Vegetables On Shabbos; Melting, Freezing, And Reformatting Foods On Shabbos; Dyeing And Scenting Foods On Shabbos; Salting Foods On Shabbos; Crushing, Grinding, Mashing And Cutting Foods On Shabbos; Kneading; Home Cleanliness; Foods That Contain Letters Or Pictures

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