Daily Tanach Wednesday Shmuel 1 Chapter 17 Part 3-Dovid and Goliath

* The article below is an excerpt from the above Sefer

1.      Dovid inquires about killing Goliath and is discouraged from doing so:

  • Dovid offers to kill Goliath: Dovid said to the people who were standing with him: What will be done with the man who kills the aforementioned Philistine, and who removes the shame from Israel. Who does this uncircumcised Philistine think he is to blaspheme the armies of the living G-d?
  • The nation replied that the following [as stated above] will be done with the man who smites him.
  • Eliav, the brother of Dovid, reprimands him: Eliav, the older brother of Dovid heard him speaking to the men, and he became filled with wrath against Dovid, telling him that he had no business coming here and deserting the little bit of flock in his care in the desert. “I know your wrongful intent, and the evil of your heart, as you have come down to watch the war.”
  • Dovid replies to his brother, the nation and Shaul: What have I done now, is it not that I have just spoken words [why are you getting angry with me over nothing[1]]. Dovid turned around towards another person[2] and told him the same thing [asking him what will happen to the man who kills Goliath[3]], and the nation replied to him as they did originally [that the person will be given wealth and the daughter of Shaul as a wife etc]. The nation heard the words that Dovid spoke [in defiance of Goliath[4]], and they relayed it to Shaul who went ahead and called Dovid. Dovid replied to Shaul saying: Do not lose heart [and become filled with fear], as your servant will go and battle this Philistine.
  • Shaul discourages Dovid from fighting: However, Shaul replied to Dovid: You cannot go to fight this Philistine, as you are a mere child [who is inexperienced in warfare], and he is a known warrior from a young age.

2.      Dovid tells Shaul of his story of bravery against a lion and bear:

  • The story with the lion and bear families: Dovid replied to Shaul as follows: Your servant worked as a Shepherd of flock for his father and one time a lion and bear came and stole a sheep from the flock. I chased after the animals and smote them, thus saving the sheep from their mouths. They stood up against me and I grabbed at his beard and smote it and killed it. Your servant killed both the lion and bear [and their children, as the lion had two cubs, and the bear had two cubs[5]]. Now, this Philistine can be considered to me like one of them, as he has blasphemed the armies of the living G-d.
  • Dovid said: Hashem who has saved me from the hands of this lion and the hands of this bear, He will save me from the hands of this Philistine.
  • Shaul gives Dovid the go ahead: Shaul said to Dovid: Go, and G-d will be with you.

[1] Metzudos Dovid 17:29

[2] See Radak 17:30

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[5] Rashi 17:36

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