Shaalos-Q&A Archive: 1) Kedusha of Musaf during Shemoneh Esrei of Shacharis; 2) Kohanim by Duchan if only one Kohen

Question: [Sunday, 7th MarCheshvan, 5781] If I began Davening Shemoneh Esrei of Shacharis simultaneously with the Chazan starting his repetition of Musaf, may I answer Kedusha when I reach Kedusha together with him?   Answer: This matter is debated amongst the Poskim, and practically we [Ashkenazim] rule that it may […]

Chapter 19: Shaul tries to kill Dovid

Chapter 19: Shaul tries to kill Dovid 1.                   Yehonason informs Dovids of his father’s desire to kill him: Shaul relays his desires to his son and servants: Shaul spoke to his son Yehonason and to all of his servants of his intent to kill Dovid [through causing his accidental death[1]]. […]

Prayer in the teachings of Chassidus

1. Prayer atones for neglecting positive commands: In the times of the Temple the Tamid sacrifice would atone for the nullification of positive commands. Today, prayer has taken its place in this atonement, and thus after one has done Teshuvah, the prayer of each day fully atones. The prayers of […]

May one remove a splinter on Shabbos?

May one remove a splinter on Shabbos?[1] It is permitted to remove a splinter on Shabbos [with one’s hands, tweezer, or needle as will be explained].[2] However, one needs to beware upon removing the splinter to do it in a way that it will not inevitably cause blood to come […]