Topics in Practical Halacha Vol. 4




This Sefer is the fourth volume of the practical Halacha series which provides the reader with a clear summary of selected practical Halachic subjects in Orach Chaim, Yoreh Deah, Even Haezer, and Choshen Mishpat. Many subjects in Halacha are obscure, complex and filled with a variety of opinions, which at times leaves even the Torah scholar confused as to the outcome of the laws. This book is the fourth in a series to tackle various practical Halachic subjects in a concise and clear manner, leaving the reader certain as to the application of the final law. A wealth of footnotes gives the reader all necessary background, reasons and variety of opinions so each topic can be studied in its full breadth and give the reader encyclopedic style knowledge of the given topic. Close to 200 interesting topics have been selected from the four sections of Shulchan Aruch, as stated above. Some of the featured topics are: Birchas Hatorah by Mivtza Tefillin; May one wrap the tefillin over his wristwatch? Praying in distress; Davening in front of pictures; Bar Mitzvah boys leining; Al Peiroseha on Israel products; Whistling on Shabbos; Kiddush on white wine; Tea on Pesach; Peeler on Yom Tov; Keeping Chumros at home of host; Cheese with fish; Liquids stored in metal containers; Magicians; Trimming the mustache; Shiva Nekiyim if have injury; Mikveh with bathing suit; Name of ones parents; Daf Yomi learning; Teaching Torah to gentiles; Switching Mohels; Daka controversy; Shatnez-wool coat on linen shirt; Placing Sefer upside down; Mezuzah for walk in closet; Brain death; Journey of soul after death; Eating and drinking when visiting a cemetery; Matchmaking for gentiles; Misadeir Kiddushin for unobservant; Yichud in an Elevator; Until what age may parents bathe their children; lost Kesuba; Court fees-who pays; Supporting Jewish businesses; Subletting your home; How much is a Revius?; Flying an Israeli flag. Plus more.

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