The Laws of Davening: Student Edition-Vol. 1 & 2




The first volume in our Davening series, covers the following prayer associated laws: The Mitzvah of prayer; Shaar Hachassidus-The purpose & Meaning of prayer; A Chassidic Discourse on the importance of prayer; The Zemanim-Zeman Kerias Shema & Zeman Tefila; The Nussach of Tefila; Kavana in Tefila; Matters prohibited prior to prayer; Preparing for Davening; Where to pray; Prayer attire; Erva- Davening or learning in face of immodesty; Tzoa-Davening and learning near feces and urine; Davening with a Minyan; Laws relating to a Minyan; Chazan; Kaddish; Answering Amen and Baruch Hu Uvaruch Shemo; Laws of Hefsek; Birchas Hashachar-The morning blessings; Birchas Hatorah; Karbanos; The Tallis during Davening; Tefillin during Davening; Pesukei Dezimra; Birchas Kerias Shema; The Shema; Shemoneh Esrei-General Rules; Shemoneh Esrei-The order of the prayer.
The second volume in our Davening series, covers the following prayer associated laws: Shemoneh Esrei Additions; Chazaras Hashatz; Birchas Kohanim-Nesias Kapayim; Tachanun; Kerias Hatorah; Ashrei-Aleinu; The laws of Tashlumin; Beis Hakeneses-Laws relating to a Shul; Mincha; Maariv; Kerias Shema Sheal Hamita; Laws of Musaf; Laws of Halel; The Shabbos Davening; The Yom Tov Davening; The Rosh Chodesh Davening; The High Holiday Davening; The Fast Day and Tishe Beav Davening; Women Davening; Children Davening; Davening for a Mourner; Tefilas Haderech; Kiddush Levana.

The student edition focuses on the general laws and sources of the subject, and does not commonly include reasons, detailed sources, other opinions, or less common Halachic queries. A full corresponding Teachers Edition will IYH be published including within it all the above details.

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