The Laws of Tefillin




The Mitzvah of Tefillin is one of the oldest and most well cherished Mitzvos amongst world Jewry. What many don’t know, are the myriads of detailed laws associated with this Holy Mitzvah and tradition. For example: What is the greatness of the mitzvah? How was this mitzvah originally fulfilled? Can someone put on Tefillin after sunset? What about a person who doesn’t have a shirt? What is the correct order of wearing Tefillin and where are the exact areas that it should be worn on the arm and head? What about someone who’s a lefty or ambidextrous? Should a blessing be repeated if I went to the bathroom? Why do some people wear Tefillin of Rabbeinu Tam, and what is the law if I accidentally put it on before Rashi? what are the detailed laws of respecting the Tefillin? Can I eat with them, can I sleep with them, and can I simply talk while wearing them? Can I take it with me into an airport bathroom? How do I purchase a Kosher and Mehudar pair of Tefillin? How do I upkeep the maintenance of my Tefillin? What are the essential laws relevant to a Sofer and the writing of Parshiyos? What are the detailed Kashrus laws of the Batim and straps? What are things that are important to know during Mivtzaim? In this Sefer we tackle all the above issues and many more, all concisely explained and clarified within 9 chapters, that include a directive of practical Halacha, and encyclopedic Halachic background knowledge of the cases at hand. This Sefer is revolutionary, and is a must have for every Shul and Minyan in order to facilitate finding clear and proper Halachic guidance that will ensure that the Mitzvah of Tefillin in their Shul is performed properly and with its due honor and respect!

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