Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 32: A prophecy about king Chizkiyahu

Chapter 32: A prophecy about king Chizkiyahu

  • Upholding justice: The purpose of the king is to uphold the righteousness of his nation and the justice of his princes.
  • Protecting the nation: A king will rise for the Jewish people and protect the nation, providing them a shelter from rain.
  • Teaching them Torah: The king will teach the nation Torah and even those who do not want to listen and understand will eventually be forced to do so.
  • No more deceitful people in power: Those who are deceitful and vile will no longer be of power and nobility. This refers to those who secretly speak against G-d and his Torah and unjustifiably take money from the poor and hungry.
  • The rise of the generous: Those people who are generous and do good deeds will merit to stand upright and with success.
  • Nashim Shananos-A call to the apathetic woman: The women of Judah are apathetic and act free of any worries of the words of the prophet and falsely believe that no evil will befall them even if they do not repent from their ways. They will unfortunately witness that all of their hopes in the production of their crops will not reach fruition, from year-to-year. Please, do not be complacent and free of worry and rather tremble from the terrible prophecy that will occur and befall you. The daughters of Israel should be worried of the future in which there will not even remain a man amongst Israel to gather the crops, and the land will grow thorns as it will not be properly plowed and prepared for growth.
  • The palace will be abandoned: The palace of the king will be abandoned, and the people of the city will be exiled.
  • The temple will be destroyed: The temple will be destroyed and become a place of joy for the wild ones, [which are the children of Yishmael]. Animals will graze on the Temple Mount. This state of affairs will continue until G-d once again rains His spirit upon the temple area and turns its desert state into a beautiful field. 
  • Charity and righteousness: The land will then become filled with charity and righteousness between men in this fellow, which will bring peace between them and earn security for them. The people that live in complete safety and tranquility in their homes and communities. You will be sheltered from hail and have no fear of the enemy. Praised be the Jewish people who will have water everywhere to irrigate their lands and have the ability to let their animals graze in every place.

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