Yeshayahu Chapter 65: the sins and salvation of the Jewish people

Chapter 65: the sins and salvation of the Jewish people

  • I sent to the Jewish people prophets, but the Jewish people refused to listen to them.
  • Idolatry: They continue to slaughter to idolatry and bring incense to idols.
  • Non-kosher foods: The Jewish people would sit in graves for the sake of necromancy, and with eat pork, and from vessels of non-kosher soups.
  • Belittling the righteous: They belittle those who are righteous and claim to be holier than them.
  • Punishment for sins and reward for the righteous: All of their sins are written before me, and I will exact punishment with them. However, I will not punish the righteous, and will give them inheritance of the land. You will receive land for their sheep to pasture and for their cows to graze. However, those of you who have left G-d and forgotten His holy mountain and prepared a table for idolatry, you will be smitten by the sword. My servants will be given food to eat while you will starve, and while they will have drinks, you will remain thirsty. My servants will rejoice while you will be saddened.
  • The redemption: I will rejoice Jerusalem and rejoice my nation and there will no longer hear sounds of crime and scream.
  • Long life: There will no longer be elderly men who will not live out their days. Even a sinning lad will only die at the age of 100.
  • The rebuilding of homes in Israel: In the times of the redemption homes and vineyards will be built in Israel from which they will eat from. In the time of the redemption, their homes will no longer be inhabited by others and their vineyards will no longer be eaten by others.
  • Having children: The Jewish people will be blessed with many offspring.
  • Answering the prayers of the Jewish people: I will answer their prayers before they even ask for it.
  • A wolf and sheep will graze together: The wolf and lamb will graze together, and the lion and ox will share straw together. Snakes will no longer be dangerous. Animals will no longer threaten people throughout my entire holy mountain, says G-d.

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