Yeshayahu Chapter 60: The light of the redemption and greatness of the Jewish people

Chapter 60: The light of the redemption and greatness of the Jewish people

  • Kumi Uri-A time for light and revelation: Get up and shine as your time of revelation has come. The honor of G-d which is His divine presence is now ready to glare. Darkness covers the earth, and a fog the nations, however on you the Jewish people G-d will shine his light.
  • Gentiles will follow the light and come to Jerusalem: Gentiles will follow your light and kings will learn from you. Raise your eyes and see how all of the nations are coming to you, oh Jerusalem. They will arrive with camels laden with gold and come to praise G-d. They will bring with them animals from their localities in order to offer as sacrifices on G-d’s altar. The peoples of the far-off islands will arrive by boat.
  • Bringing the dispersed of Israel from the islands: They will bring with them the dispersed of the Jewish people, together with their gold and silver to the land of Israel.
  • Building the walls of Jerusalem: The Gentile nations will help build walls around Jerusalem and their kings will serve the Jewish people. The gates of Jerusalem will always be open by both night and day for the entrance of the Gentile nations who will bring with them their treasures to donate to the Jewish people.
  • Loss of nations who will not serve the Jewish people: Those nations and kingdoms who will not serve you and serve the Jewish people will become lost.
  • Wood from Lebanon: Special wood from the land of Lebanon will be brought to Jerusalem.
  • Transformation of Jew haters: All those who fought and rebelled against you will now with humility bow to the feet of the Jewish people and call Jerusalem a city of G-d in which Zion and the holy Jews live in.
  • Fame and importance: Instead of you Jerusalem being desolate and hated, you will now become famous and important.
  • The affluence of the Jewish people: The Jewish people will consume the delicacies of the Gentile nations. They will have gold instead of copper and silver instead of iron, and copper instead of wood, and iron instead of stone.
  • No more tragedy or despair: You will no longer experience any more tragedy or despair in your land.
  • G-d will be your sun of light: You will no longer need the sun or moon to give life, as rather G-d will be a light for you forever.
  • All the Jewish people are righteous: All of your nation is righteous, and they will all inherit the land, as they are a handwork of G-d.
  • Hakatan Yihyeh Lielef: Even the smallest of the Jewish tribes will become a great and mighty nation.
  • Beita Achishena: I am G-d who will bring the redemption at the set time and can also bring in earlier if the Jewish people repent.

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