Saying Shehechiyanu


A. New fruits:

It is proper to beware not to recite Shehechiyanu over new fruits during the three weeks.[2] This applies even if one already sees the fruit, he is nevertheless to delay Shehechiyanu until he eats it after the three weeks.[3]

If the fruit will no longer be available after the three weeks:[4] A fruit which will no longer be in season after the ninth of Av [and cannot be guarded until then], may have Shehechiyanu recited over it during the three weeks.

Shehechiyanu on Shabbos[5]: Shehechiyanu over a new fruit is not to be recited even on Shabbos of the three weeks.


B. Pidyon Haben:[6]

One may say Shehechiyanu during a Pidyon Haben that takes place during the three weeks


When the 17th of Tamuz coincides with Shabbos, may one say Shehechiyanu that Shabbos?

Some Poskim[7] rule it is permitted to say Shehechiyanu on that Shabbos according to all. Others[8] argue it is forbidden. On Friday night, some Poskim[9] rule one may say Shehechiyanu according to all opinions.


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The reason: The reason for this is because the period of the three weeks is a time of suffering, one should not bless Shehechiyanu which contains the words “Lezman Hazeh” this time [a time of suffering]. It is however not due to the mourning period, as we do not find that a mourner may not recite Shehechiyanu. [M”A 551/42]

Other Opinions: The Taz 551/17 rules one may say Shehechiyanu during the three weeks on a fruit, as it is a Mitzvah and by all Mitzvas one is to do it as soon as possible, as one does not know when his days will come.

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[5] Hayom Yom 21st Tamuz;  Sefer haminhagim in the name of the Ari”zal; M”A 551/42 records a dispute on this matter. The Mateh Moshe rules it is allowed to say Shehechiyanu on Shabbos. While in Kisveiy Arizal he writes it is forbidden even on Shabbos.

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