Yeshayahu Chapter 64: Lamenting the lack of miracles for the Jewish people

Chapter 64: Lamenting the lack of miracles for the Jewish people

  • Miracles of old: G-d made miracles in Egypt to make those who deny Him become aware of his existence. We did not anticipate such great miracles to be done. Even mountains trembled and sweated water in the face of these miracles. The world has never heard of such miracles being performed.
  • The current set spiritual state: We have lost our righteous men and have sinned and defiled ourselves before You. No one calls You by Your name and no one is overcoming their inclination to serve you as you have hidden your face from us.
  • Asking G-d for mercy and compassion: Now, you G-d are our father. We are the clay, and you are our creator, and we thereby ask you to have mercy on us. Do not forever be angry with Your nation and do not forever remember sin. Rather, look at us and have mercy on us as we are all your nation.
  • The state of Israel and the Temple: The land of Israel and Zion has become a desert and Jerusalem has become desolate. Our holy home, the temple, in which our fathers praised you has been burned in fire and all of our beloved sites have become destroyed. For how long will G-d withhold his wrath against those who did this.



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