Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 22: A prophecy about the siege of Jerusalem

Chapter 22: A prophecy about the siege of Jerusalem

1. The siege of Jerusalem:

  • A prophecy regarding Jerusalem.
  • Death by starvation: Jerusalem has been taken under siege. Jerusalem is thus far from a happy city which has yet to fall to the sword or have its inhabitants died in war. Nonetheless, they are suffering due to starvation which is caused by the siege.
  • The fugitives are caught: It’s leaders and warriors who tried to escape together were caught by the enemy.
  • No comfort: The prophet turns to G-d and asks Him not to comfort him with the sight of the destruction of his people and nation.
  • The enemy has attached its warriors to the walls and gates of the city [hence placing it under siege].
  • An attempt to stop the breaches of the wall: You saw that there were many breaches in the wall surrounding the city and therefore you gathered stones from the homes in order to block it. Many homes were destroyed for this purpose.
  • They will gather pools of water inside the wall in order to sustain them during the times of the siege.
  • No repentance: Despite the above, you did not look up to heaven to see the cause of all of this. Hashem called for you on that day to garb yourselves with sackcloth and lament the forthcoming tragedy. Instead, however, you ate and drank and rejoiced saying that in any event they would die the next day. You slaughtered cattle and sheep and drink wine to pleasure yourselves before death. Therefore, Hashem swore that he will not forgive or atone for this sin until they die.

2. The fall of Shavna:

  • Hashem informs Shavna and his colleagues that they will not have any escape from the grave, as a grave has already been prepared for them up high.
  • Hashem will throw you away to a foreign land where you shall die in shame, having fallen from your high positions of glory and honor.
  • Elyakim the son of Chilkiah: Hashem will call His servant, Elyakim the son of Chilkiah and appoint him to become the general and leader of Jerusalem and the house of Yehuda. He will receive the keys for the house of David and replace the position of Shavna. He will receive all of the honors of his ancestors.

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