Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 21: A prophecy of the destruction of Babylon

Chapter 21: a prophecy of the destruction of Babylon

1. A prophecy regarding Babylon:

  • All of the actions of the traitor will be returned to him.
  • The prophet expresses his fright of the terrible calamities that will befall Babylon.
  • The attack on Babylon will come suddenly and catch them by surprise.
  • The man in the watchtower will see the brigades of soldiers coming to attack Babylon, requiring despair the battle on this phone

2. A prophecy regarding Arabia:

  • The following is a prophecy concerning Arabia.
  • When the Jewish people were exiled and passed through the lands of their cousins in the Arabian lands, they asked to be greeted with jugs of water and bread due to being very thirsty due to the journey, in which they needed to flee from the sword that was devastating their land. [Instead however their Arabian cousins showed no mercy and brought them empty flasks which caused them to die.]
  • In retribution G-d has said that in another year their country will be destroyed, and their inhabitants exiled, and their monarchy will come to an end.


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