Chapter 51: Promises of the redemption

Chapter 51: Promises of the redemption

  • Look at what I did for your ancestor Abraham and Sarah, that I blessed them and increased their offspring.
  • From a desert to a garden: G-d will comfort Zion and turn their deserts into gardens. Like a garden of G-d.
  • Listen my nation, as Torah will come for Me, and my judgment will be a light for all the nations.
  • Seeing the destruction of the enemy: Raise your eyes to the heavens and look at the earth under see that I will destroy the enemy lands. Don’t be scared of their threats, as they will be consumed like a rotting garment.
  • Asking for miracles: Yeshayahu prays to G-d to perform miracles on behalf of the Jewish people as he did when they left Egypt. Let tidings of happiness and rejoicing come one after the other.
  • G-d promises to comfort the Jewish people and redeem them.
  • Time for redemption: Yeshayahu calls for the Jewish people to wake up from the exile, as they had already received their due punishment from G-d.
  • No more punishment: You have already been punished by being looted and broken by the enemy, forced into starvation and killed by the sword. Therefore, G-d says that He has now taken away the cup of punishment and wrath and they do not need to drink it any longer.
  • Rather, I will now give this cup of punishment and suffering to the Gentile who oppressed you.

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