Purchasing Life insurance

Purchasing Life insurance: Many Poskim[1] rule that it is permitted [and one is to be encouraged[2]] to purchase life insurance and doing so is not a sign of lack of Bitachon and the like. Others[3] however take a colder stance towards its purchase.[4] There is no clear directive of the […]

Yichud in Taxis

Yichud in a taxi:[1] When a woman takes a taxi with a male taxi driver, or a man takes a taxi with a female taxi driver, the possibility of a Yichud prohibition arises.[2] This is dependent on several factors as will be explained: People/cars outside: If the windows of the […]

Lag Baomer-Laws & Customs

1. Historical background-What occurred on Lag BaOmer? It is accustomed to increase slightly in joy on Lag BaOmer.[1] Various reasons behind this celebration have been recorded.[2] The classical reason recorded in Poskim[3] is that on this day, Lag BaOmer, the last of the 24,000 students died. Others[4] however write that […]