Kaparos-Laws and Q&A

​To browse our database on the laws and customs of Kaparos see here. ​ Kaparos:[1] A. The custom:[2] It is customary in these provinces [of Ashkenazi Jewry] to take and slaughter a chicken, which is called a Gever[3], for atonement on Erev Yom Kippur.[4] One takes a male chicken for each […]

Pirkei Avos

Reciting Pirkei Avos:[1] It is customary to recite Pirkei Avos on every Shabbos between Pesach and Shavuos.[2] Some are accustomed to continue reciting it after Shavuos, throughout the summer months, until Rosh Hashanah.[3] [Practically, the Chabad custom is to say Pirkei Avos until Rosh Hashanah.[4] On the Shabbosim which are […]

Snow in Halacha

Snow in Halacha: A. Netilas Yadayim with snow:[1] If there is no water available for one to wash his hands in the morning, or for the sake of eating bread, then if one crushes and melts the snow, then one may wash with it from a vessel, or even dip […]

Purchasing Life insurance

Purchasing Life insurance: Many Poskim[1] rule that it is permitted [and one is to be encouraged[2]] to purchase life insurance and doing so is not a sign of lack of Bitachon and the like. Others[3] however take a colder stance towards its purchase.[4] There is no clear directive of the […]