Lag BaOmer

1. Historical background-What occurred on Lag BaOmer? It is accustomed to increase slightly in joy on Lag BaOmer.[1] Various reasons behind this celebration have been recorded.[2] The classical reason recorded in Poskim[3] is that on this day, Lag BaOmer, the last of the 24,000 students died. Others[4] however write that […]

Castrating an animal or human

Castration & Sterilization to humans and animals: The prohibition:[1] Male humans/animals: It is [Biblically] forbidden to destroy [i.e. castrate] the reproductive organs of any male creature, whether human, animal, bird [or even fish[2]].[3] This prohibition applies whether the species is Kosher or impure. This prohibition applies whether in Israel or […]

Rebbe’s opinion on Yom Haatzmaut

The Rebbe’s perspective on the Israeli day of Independence-Yom Hatzmaut: In a letter addressed to an educator of a school in Kfar Chabad in the year 1955, the Rebbe answered a query regarding how the educational institution should relate to the day known as Yom Hatzmaut. The Rebbe replied as […]

Answering Amen thru live hookup

May one answer Amen, Kaddish, Kedusha through a Telephone, radio, live video/audio internet hookup?[1] Some Poskim[2] rule one is not to answer Amen or Kedusha in such circumstances.[3] Other Poskim[4] rule one is to answer Amen and for Kaddish/Kedusha.[5] Practically, one may be lenient in this matter.[6] [If however there […]

Reviewing Laws of Pesach

This Halacha is an excerpt from our Sefer Buy me here or on 1. Learning the laws prior to the festival:[1] It is a Mitzvah[2] upon every Jew to study[3] the laws of Pesach prior to the festival until he is an expert in them, and knows what is to be done. One […]

Shushan Purim

  Shushan Purim: Increasing in festivities in un-walled cities:[1] One is obligated to slightly[2] increase in joy and festivities on Shushan Purim [during the day[3]], and so is the custom.[4] [However, on the night of the 15th, there is no need, for those who celebrated Purim on the 14th, to […]

Kadima Bebrachos

The Laws of Precedence/Kadima by blessings[1]   Introduction: Amongst the laws of blessings on foods are included laws regarding precedence. The laws of precedence apply when one has two different foods in front of him and he plans to eat from both foods. These laws dictate which food should be […]

Shabbos Shira

Standing for Shira:[1] The custom is to stand for the reading of Shira. Zeicher/Zecher:[2] There is dispute amongst Poskim[3] as whether one is to read Zeicher Amalek or Zecher Amalek. Practically one is to read both dialects.[4] By the reading of Parshas Zachor [and Parshas Ki Seitzei] one reads first […]