Pirkei Avos

Reciting Pirkei Avos:[1] It is customary to recite Pirkei Avos on every Shabbos between Pesach and Shavuos.[2] Some are accustomed to continue reciting it after Shavuos, throughout the summer months, until Rosh Hashanah.[3] [Practically, the Chabad custom is to say Pirkei Avos until Rosh Hashanah.[4] On the Shabbosim which are […]

Cold showers on Shabbos

Bathing/Showering in cold water: The Sages did not decree against bathing in cold water on Shabbos and it is thus permitted to do so from the letter of the law.[1] Nevertheless, the custom in the Ashkenazi provinces is to avoid doing so being that there are many bathing restriction involved […]

Shabbos Tablecloth

Setting the table for Shabbos:[1] Placing a tablecloth on the table: It is customary for there to be a tablecloth spread over one’s [dining[2]] table throughout the entire Shabbos. One may not swerve from this custom.[3] There are those which have the custom to spread two tablecloths over the [dining] […]