Pesach Sheiyni

Pesach Sheiyni Background of Pesach Sheiyni:[1] In the times of the Temple, a person who did not bring the Pesach offering in the 14th of Nissan, either due to being impure or due to being a distance from Jerusalem, was required to bring the offering a month later, on the […]

The key Challah

Kneading a key into Challah the first Shabbos after Pesach:[1] Many are accustomed to braid the Challah in the shape of a key on the first Shabbos after Pesach.[2] Others knead a key within the Challah dough on the first Shabbos after Pesach. Some[3] acclaim the above custom is not […]

Buying Chametz after Pesach

Eating/Buying Chametz that was owned by a Jew over Pesach:[1] The Chametz of a Jew which was owned on Pesach is forbidden in benefit for all Jews.[2] This applies whether it was owned throughout the entire Pesach, or was only owned through part of Pesach [such as he acquired it […]

Chametz after Pesach

    May one begin to eat Chametz after Pesach prior to the conclusion of the sale?[1]   Yes.[2] Doing so does not border on stealing from the gentile or any other transgression.[3] This especially applies in those sale contracts that make an explicit stipulation with the gentile that one may eat […]


  Kashering: The laws of Kashering vessels are complex and hence it should only be done by one which is expert in these laws. One must be aware of the following details: Is the vessel made of a Kasherable material? How has the vessel been used? What form of Kashering […]

Mechiras Chametz

1. Is selling Chametz a Biblical/Rabbinical requirement?[1] One who plans on leaving Chametz in his possession over Pesach: Anyone which is planning to own Chametz over Pesach is Biblically[2] required to sell his Chametz prior to Pesach.[3]  One who has cleaned his house from any known Chametz: One who has cleaned […]

Shabbos Hagadol

      Shabbos Hagadol: A. The Shabbos Hagadol speech/Drasha:[1] It is a custom that the community Rabbi gives a speech dealing with the laws of the Pesach on the Shabbos preceding the festival.  The content of the speech: The main point of this speech is to expound and teach […]

Pesach Chumros

  Pesach Chumros: The Alter Rebbe states that the Arizal said that on Pesach one should be stringent like all the stringencies, as one who is careful to avoid even a speck of Chametz is guaranteed not to sin throughout the year. This means that his nature will change to […]


Kitniyos:[1] The Halacha: Is allowed to be eaten from the letter of the law[2], but the custom in these provinces is to not eat even on the last day of Yom Tov[3], Kitniyos [which have gotten wet with water. Dry kitniyus which has not gotten wet, may be eaten.[4]] The […]