Forgiving a loan

This Halacha is an excerpt from our Sefer Buy Now May one forgive a loan without telling the borrower? A. Introduction: If one loaned someone money and has yet to be paid back, often the lender who sympathizes with the borrower’s predicament, desires to simply forgive him the loan. The […]

Hearing both sides of an argument

 This Halacha is published in our Sefer “Topics in Practical Halacha” Volume 2 Hearing the claims of each side in the presence of the other side:[1] A. Introduction: Monetary claims are a basic aspect of day to day business dealings and interaction with others. These claims must be brought before […]

Birthday Customs

Introduction It is customary amongst many people to celebrate their birthday. It is a happy day in which people yearn and desire to be cherished and allow themselves extravagances and luxuries that they would usually not partake in. In the secular world, many use the day for partying and sometimes […]

Writing on ones skin

Writing on one’s skin: The Torah prohibits one from making a tattoo on his skin. It is clear from the Poskim that the Biblical prohibition only applies if the ink penetrates the inner layers of the skin and remains permanent. It is however unclear if there is a Rabbinical prohibition […]