Answering Amen thru live hookup

May one answer Amen, Kaddish, Kedusha through a Telephone, radio, live video/audio internet hookup?[1] Some Poskim[2] rule one is not to answer Amen or Kedusha in such circumstances.[3] Other Poskim[4] rule one is to answer Amen and for Kaddish/Kedusha.[5] Practically, one may be lenient in this matter.[6] [If however there […]

Personal Requests by Shema Koleinu Part 2

Personal requests in Shema Koleinu-Part 2 Personal requests in Shema Koleinu:[1] Confessing and then requesting livelihood:[2] It is proper [based on Kabala] for one to confess [his personal sins[3]] in Shomeia Tefila using a singular wording [i.e. Chatasi, Avisi, Pashati[4]] and then request [money for] his sustenance. This applies even […]

Vesein Tal Umatar

Saying Vesein Tal Umatar Levaracha: A. When does one begin saying Vesein Tal Umatar?[1] Eretz Yisrael: Those who live in Eretz Yisrael begin saying Vesein Tal Umatar Levracha starting from Maariv of the 7th of MarCheshvon. Diaspora: Those living in the Diaspora begin saying Vesein Tal Umatar etc on the […]