Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 27: The fall of the nations and peace with G-d and the Jewish people

Chapter 27: the fall of the nations and peace with G-d and the Jewish people

  • Killing the Livyason: On that day, Hashem will kill the large Livyason which is found in the sea.
  • Habaim Yashreish Yaakov-Jewish repopulation: The people of Jacob and Israel will take root once again and the world will once again be filled with understanding.
  • Mida Kineged Mida against the Egyptians: I repaid those that killed my nation in the same way that they killed them, [such as by drowning Egyptians drowned my people[1]].
  • When the Egyptian sent my people out, they were struck with a strong wind.
  • Atonement after destroying idolatry: The sins of the house of Jacob will be atoned for after they remove from amongst themselves all of the sins of idolatry and destroy all of its altars and idols.
  • The cities of enemy: The fortified cities of the enemies will be made available as pasture for the animals. When it’s time will come, the cities of the enemy will be destroyed, and its branches will dry out and be broken and ignited by women.
  • Atem Teluktu Echad Echad-The gathering of the Jewish people: On that day G-d will gather each one of the Jewish people and descendants of Israel, from those who were flooded in the waters to the stream of Egypt.
  • Yitaka Beshofar Gadol-the sound of the great Shofar: It shall come to pass on that day, that a great shofar shall be sounded, and all those of Jewish ancestry who became lost in the land of Assyria and became exiled in the land of Egypt will come and prostrate themselves before Hashem on the holy mountain in Jerusalem.


[1] Rashi 27:7

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