The Mitzvah of eating Matzah on the night of the 15th

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When on the night of the 15th must the Matzah be eaten?

Not before Tzeis:[1] One does not fulfill the Mitzvah of eating Matzah prior to nightfall [i.e. Tzeis Hakochavim].

Before midnight:[2] One is required to fulfill the Mitzvah of eating Matzah prior to midnight.[3] [If one eats the Matzah only after midnight, some Poskim[4] rule he does not fulfill his obligation and has thus lost the Mitzvah. Other Poskim[5] rule he can nevertheless fulfill the Biblical Mitzvah up until Alos Hashachar. Other Poskim[6] rule that this matter is left in question, and hence one is to be stringent like both opinions, and eat Matzah without a blessing. Practically, if one did not yet eat the Matzah and it is already after midnight, he is to eat the Matzah without the blessing of “Al Achilas Matzah.”[7] If it is already close to midnight and one did not yet eat the Matzah, he is to skip from wherever he is holding and perform Motzie Matzah before midnight. The same applies to a person who awoke from sleep, moments before midnight that he should say Kadesh and immediately afterwards recite Motzie Matzah.[8] This applies for both the first and second Seder.[9]]

The amount of Matzah required to be eaten on the first night of Pesach:

On the first night of Pesach one is Biblically obligated to eat a Kezayis of Matzah [within Kdei Achilas Peras].[10] [Likewise, in order to be obligated to recite Birchas Hamazon throughout Pesach, one must eat a Kezayis of Matzah within Achilas Peras.]

How much is a Kezayis?[11] It is disputed amongst Poskim as to whether the Kezayis is ½ of a Kebeitza or 1/3 of a Kebeitza. Practically, regarding the Biblical Mitzvah of eating Matzah, and regarding Safek Brachos, we are stringent like the opinion that it contains ½ of a Beitza. This is measured in volume and not weight.[12] [This amounts to 26cc in volume.[13] Some Poskim[14] rule that this amounts to 28.8 grams of Matzah. However, a more thorough measurement of the amount of crushed Matzah that can fit in a 30cc volume cup, reaches only 20 grams.[15] Thus, while it is accustomed to eat close to thirty grams of Matzah for the Biblical Kezayis, one may be lenient with 20 grams if he so chooses.]

Within how much time is the Matzah to be eaten?[16]

The entire Kezayis of Matzah must be eaten within the amount of time called “Kdei Achilas Peras.” [This is approximately within 3-4 minutes.[17]]

Intending to fulfill the Mitzvah:[18]

Upon eating the Matzah on the night of the 15th, one is to have in mind to fulfill the Biblical command of eating Matzah. One is to publicize this matter to the attendants of the Seder, especially if they have little Jewish background. If one ate Matzah without intent to fulfill the Mitzvah, he nevertheless fulfills his obligation so long as one knows of the Mitzvah to eat Matzah on Pesach, and knows that  the night is Pesach.


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Other opinions: See Shiurei Torah 3:15; Sefer Haminhagim ibid and footnotes 342-344; Piskeiy Teshuvos 158:7 and 210:1; 475:10

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