Children kissing the Mezuzah before going to sleep

* This article is an excerpt from the above Sefer

Children kissing the Mezuzah before going to sleep:[1]

Prior to retiring to one’s bed for the night one is to touch [and kiss] the Mezuzah.[2] Thus, it is customary in all Jewish homes for children to kiss the Mezuzah of their room prior to going to sleep. This internalizes the idea that Hashem watches and guards over them. [Doing so enters Kedusha into the child from a young age and assists him in his service of G-d in the future.[3]]


[1] Toras Menachem 5747 2:647; Sefer Hasichos 1992 p. 89; Likkutei Dibburim Likkut 32 Vol. 4 p. 784 “When I was three years old twice a day, in the morning upon awakening and at night upon going to sleep, my mother would lift me up to kiss the Mezuzah.; Shevach Habris 3:7

[2] Kitzur SHU”A 71:4 “Prior to going to bed one is to walk to the Mezuzah and place his hands on it and say “Hashem Shomri…”

[3] See Likkutei Dibburim Likkut 32 for a fascinating story on this matter!

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