Aliyah to the Torah for Bar Mitzvah

Aliyah to the Torah:

It is an old custom for the Bar Mitzvah boy to receive an Aliyah to the Torah on the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah[1], in order to publicize that he has now reached the age of Mitzvos.[2]

When:[3] The Chabad custom, received as a tradition from the Baal Shem Tov, Maggid, and Alter Rebbe, is for the Bar Mitzvah boy to receive his first Aliyah to the Torah either on a Monday, Thursday, or by Mincha of Shabbos. [Accordingly, if his birthday is on Sunday or Monday then his receives his Aliyah on Monday. If it is on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, then he receives it on Thursday. If it is on Friday or Shabbos, then he receives it by Mincha of Shabbos. Likewise, if his Bar Mitzvah is on, or in the closest proximation to, Yom Tov, Chol Hamoed, Rosh Chodesh, or a fast day, then he is to receive an Aliyah on that day.[4]] In the event that the Aliyah was received on a Monday or Thursday, he is to also receive an Aliyah on the following Shabbos by Mincha.[5]

How the boy is called to the Torah: It is customary that on the first occasion that the boy is called to the Torah for an Aliyah that he is called up as “Yaamod Hachasan HaBar Mitzvah Peloni Ben Peloni Chazzak”

The Shabbos after the Bar Mitzvah-Shacharis:[6] A boy with a Bar Mitzvah on that Shabbos is considered a Chiyuv. [Likewise, if his Bar Mitzvah fell during the week then he is considered a Chiyuv on the Shabbos after the Bar Mitzvah.[7] This, however, only applies if he did not yet get an Aliyah that week. The Chabad custom is for the Bar Mitzvah boy to receive an Aliyah by Mincha on the Shabbos following his Bar Mitzvah.[8] The father of the Bar Mitzvah boy is not considered a Chiyuv, although the custom is to give him an Aliyah.[9]]

Throwing candies:[10] Some are accustomed to throw bags of candies at the Bar Mitzvah boy at the conclusion of is Aliyah, although some negate this practice.


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[2] See M”A 225:4 regarding him reading from the Torah in public, that this would publicize the fact that he is Bar Mitzvah [indeed in previous times when it was customary to call children to the Torah, especially for Maftir, only thefact that he read from the Torah publicized the fact that he ius of Bar Mitzvah age, however, see Shaar Hatziyon 225:7 that today that we no longer call up children to the Torah, the calling up itself serves as a sign that he is Bar Mitzvah]; Levushei Mordechai Kama 37; Shaar Hatziyon 225:7

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