Havdalah on Motzei Shabbos

This Halacha is an excerpt from our Sefer Buy me here or on Amazon.com 1. Havdala Motzei Shabbos Tishe Beav:[1] Havdala over wine is not recited on Motzei Shabbos, it is rather recited on Sunday night. [See below for the relevant laws of Havdala on Sunday night].   Meorei Haeish: One is to recite […]

Shabbos Erev Tishe Beav

Shabbos Erev Tishe Beav 1. Menu:[1] Even when Tishe Beav falls on Shabbos there are no restrictions towards the Shabbos menu and one may eat meat, fish and wine as much as his heart desires, and may feast to the point that was done on the table of Shlomo Hamelech. […]