Hitting children during the Three Weeks


 Not to hit kids:[1]

From the 17th of Tamuz until the 9th of Av one is to beware from hitting his students [or his children[2], even with a belt[3], and certainly not with a stick or rod[4]]. [Some Poskim[5] however rule one may hit a child using his hands. Other Poskim[6] however rule that even using one’s hands to hit is included in the prohibition. Some Poskim[7] rule that this restriction does not apply in a room with a Mezuzah. Some Poskim[8] rule that there is no restriction to hit on the outer limbs such as the hand and leg, and the restriction is only with regards to areas of the inner limbs. Some Poskim[9] rule that the above restriction only applies between the 4th and 9th hour [of the day]. Other Poskim[10] rule that one is to be stringent through the entire period of time.]



One is not to hit children for educational purposes during the three weeks. Various opinions are given regarding the exact form of hitting which is to be avoided, and at what times or areas this applies to. We thus find leniencies in the following cases:

1.       Some allow using the hands.

2.       Some allow in a room that has a Mezuzah:

3.       Some allow on the outer limbs:

Some prohibit only between the 4th and 9th hour of the day.



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