Laundering clothing of children during the nine days

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Laundering clothing of children:[1]

It is forbidden for adults to launder children’s clothing starting from the week of Tisha B’av.[2] [Some Poskim[3] rule this applies even according to the Ashkenazi custom. Other Poskim[4] however rule that according to the Ashkenazi custom one may not launder children’s clothing during the nine days, starting from Rosh Chodesh Av.] However, those children’s clothing which constantly becomes dirty with feces and urine, may certainly be laundered even the week of Tisha B’av.[5] Furthermore, the custom is to launder all children’s clothing.[6] [Some Poskim[7] rule that this applies to children of up until 2-3 years of age. Other Poskim[8] rule it is up until the age of 3-4. Other Poskim[9] rule it applies at least until the age of Chinuch, which is approximately six-seven years old. Other Poskim[10] rule it perhaps applies until the age of Bar Mitzvah, just as is the rule by Aveilus. Practically, one may be lenient up until the age of Chinuch, which is approximately six years old, and past the age of Chinuch one may be lenient up until the week of Tisha B’av.[11] In years that Tishe Beav falls on Shabbos, then starting from the prior Motzei Shabbos is considered for Ashkenazim to be the week of Tishe Beav in this regard. See Halacha 17F!]

Washing in private:[12] The clothing is to be washed [and dried] in private [i.e. in one’s home rather than a laundry mat, and not in the open view of the public]. [If, however, one does not have the means of washing the clothing in private, or if there is a better washing available in public, then it may be washed in public.[13] Thus, one who does not have a washing machine may wash the clothing in a laundry mat, and if a certain clothing needs dry cleaning it may be sent to the dry cleaners.]

How many clothing to wash at a time:[14]  One is not to wash many clothing simultaneously [but rather one clothing at a time[15]]. [However, in a washing machine one may be lenient to wash even many clothing at a time, so long as one is in need of all the clothing to be washed before Tisha B’av, and does not add to it any clothing of adults that cannot be washed.[16]]

Having a gentile do the washing:[17] When one is allowed to wash clothing of children during the week of Tisha B’av, it is best to have the laundering done by a gentile. [Prior to the week of Tisha B’av, there is room to be lenient to allow washing all children’s clothing who are below Bar Mitzvah through a gentile.[18]]


It is forbidden to launder clothing from the start of Rosh Chodesh Av until the week of Tisha B’av, unless one has run out of clean clothing that are changed on a daily basis, or one is washing the clothing of a gentile, or a child, or for the sake of a Mitzvah. During the week of Tisha B’av, it is forbidden to launder any clothing, even if one has run out of clothing, even if it is the clothing of a child or a gentile, unless the clothing is of a child who is below the age of Chinuch, or is needed for the sake of a Mitzvah.


Q&A on clothing of children

May children launder their own clothing?[19]

It is forbidden for children who have reached the age of Chinuch to launder their clothing during the above time period.

If one has the means to buy enough clothing for the children to prevent needing to wash them during the nine days, must he do so?[20]



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The reason: As although private mourning does not apply to children, public mourning applies to children for either Chinuch purposes or for purposes of Agmas Nefesh. [M”A 551:38; Terumos Hadeshen 152] Seemingly, the practical ramification between the two reasons [Chinuch or Agmas Nefesh] is regarding a child that is below the age of Chinuch, as according to the reason of Agmas Nefesh it would apply to children of any age [see Michaber Y.D. 340:27; Moed Katan 14b; Derisha, brought in Rav Akiva Eiger 340:27; Bach 340] and so is implied in Rama ibid that it applies to even children in diapers. However see P”M 551 A”A 38 who states it only applies to the age of Chinuch. See Nitei Gavriel 36 footnote 8]

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