Tasting meat Erev Shabbos

May one taste a meat dish on Erev Shabbos?[1]

One may taste a meat dish to see if it requires any extra spices. However it is forbidden to eat it even in order to fulfill the custom of eating the Shabbos food before Shabbos.


Giving children meat on Erev Shabbos:

One may be lenient to give children [below Bar and Bas Mitzvah] to eat meat on Erev Shabbos after midday.[2] Some[3] however limit this ruling only to those areas that Shabbos begins late and one desires to feed the children before Shabbos.

[1] Makor Chaim 551/9; Hisorerus Teshuvah 2/169; Piskeiy Teshuvos 551/40

[2] Elya Raba ibid; Kaf Hachaim ibid;

[3] Igros Moshe 4/21

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