Removing stickers from vessels prior to immersion

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Must one remove stickers from the vessels?


When immersing a vessel in a Mikveh one must remove all invalidating intervening items from the inside and outside of the vessel in order for the immersion to be valid. If there was an invalidating intervening item on the vessel at the time of immersion, the immersion is Rabbinically[2] invalid and the vessel must be re-immersed with a blessing [if an interval was made after saying the original blessing[3]]. This applies whether to the inside or outside of the vessel, and applies whether the vessel is made of metal or of glass.[4]

Definition of an intervening item:[5] Any item which is common for people to be particular against having on the vessel is considered an intervening item [even if it only covers a small amount of the vessel]. An item which is common for people to retain on the vessel [and the owner is likewise not particular in this matter[6]] is not considered an intervening item unless it covers majority of the vessel. [If it is common for people to be particular against having it on the vessel, but the owner is not particular, it is nevertheless considered an intervening item. Thus, only if both the owner and most people are not particular is it not considered a Chatzitza.[7]]

The Law: [8]

Normally removed stickers: All stickers that are normally removed from the vessel must be removed prior to immersion due to it being a Chatzitza. When removing these stickers, one must also remove any leftover sticker glue which remains attached to the vessel.[9]

Stickers meant to remain on vessel: If the sticker is meant to remain on the vessel, such as stickers which tell instructions, or warning stickers, it is not considered an intervening item and is not required to be removed. The same applies for any sticker that for whatever reason is generally left on the vessel.


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