Order of Sefarim

Placing sefarim on top of each other:[1]

It is permitted to place a Chumash on top of Nevim or Kesuvim. However one may not place a Nevim or Kesuvim on top of a Chumash, and one may not place a Chumash on top of a Sefer Torah.[2] One may place a Kesuvim over a Navi.[3] It is permitted to bind a set of Tanach in one binding in any order that one chooses.[4] [There is no order regarding Sefarim of Torah Shebaal Peh such as Gemara, Mishneh and their commentaries, and they may thus be placed on top of each other.[5] Some however are stringent in this regard.[6] However they may not be placed on top of a Chumash, Nevim or Kesuvim.[7] The custom is to treat a Siddur with the same status as Nevim and Kesuvim.[8] The Chabad custom is to treat a Tanya with the same respect as a Chumash and hence we do not place other Sefarim over it, including a Chumash.[9] One may not however place a Tanya on top of a Chumash.[10]]


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[6] Leket Yosher Yoreh Deah p. 59 that his teacher, the Terumos Hadeshen would not place the Sefarim on top of each other; It is told that the Rebbe once removed a Sicha from on top of a Shulchan Aruch. [Yoman 28th Sivan 1967]; See Ginzei Kodesh ibid

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The reason: This is due to the great amount of verses from Tanach quoted there.

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[10] Pashut. And so is told that the Rebbe at times went out of his way to remove a Tanya from on top of a Chumash.

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