The second feast- Haman’s Execution

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The second feast-Haman’s execution: [1]

At the feast that night, the king asked Esther as to what is her request. She begs the king for mercy to rescind the decree of annihilation against her nation. The king then asked “Who is the man that made such a decree against your nation”, and she pointed at Haman stating “An enemy and wicked man, this Haman the evil”. Haman became bewildered before the king and queen. The king left the banquet in a fiery frenzy of anger to get some fresh air in the royal garden. Haman took the chance to beg Esther for her compassion and mercy. He took to his knees and appeared to be hovering over Esther. Upon the king returning and seeing Haman in this position he shouted “Do you desire to conquer the queen with me in the house?” The king was then informed by Charvona of the gallows that Haman built to hang Mordechai, and the verdict was given to hang Haman on those very gallows. Haman was then hung on the gallows and the anger of the king subsided.



Who did Esther initially intend to accuse of being the evil and cruel persecutor of her people?[2]

Achashveirosh. Esther intended to point to Achashveirosh himself when he asked who the cruel man is, and an angel came and shifted her hand towards Haman.


What did Achashveirosh motion to Esther?

The Midrash[3] states that after Achashveirosh asked Esther to tell him who was evil perpetrator of the decree, he motioned her to point at Haman. He said “Whether he is the one or not, point at him”. [This is because he was looking for a reason to kill Haman due to his paranoia of his dreams the previous night that Haman was planning an assassination.]


Why did Achashveirosh become so angry? Why did he act as if he did not know of the decree when he was the one who gave its consent and blessing, and why would he use that against Haman?[4]

In truth, Achashveirosh did not intend to truly kill the Jews and simply agreed to frighten them with the royal threat. This is inferred from the fact that Haman merely asked the king to write that they be destroyed, and not to actually destroy them! That is why he refused to accept the money from Haman, as the plot was never truly meant to be carried out. However Haman the wicked had every intent on following through with the decree. This evil intent was only discovered by Achashveirosh at the second banquet, when Esther informed him. Alternatively the reason Achashveirosh became infuriated with Haman at the feast is because it was then revealed to him by Esther the true whereabouts of Vashti. Vashti in truth was not executed but was merely demoted from her position as queen. She was eventually taken by Haman as a maid to serve him, without the knowledge of Achashveirosh. Alternatively Achashveirosh was searching for an excuse to kill Haman who was his suspected assassin.[5]


What occurred after Achashveirosh discovered Esther’s royal lineage?[6]

He began talking to her directly without a translator. However until that point, since she was of questionable lineage, he had a person in between that would relate her messages.


Who was Charvona?

The Midrash[7] states that Charvona was Eliyahu Hanavi.


Why was Achashveirosh still infuriated when he returned from his walk of fresh air in the garden?[8]

Angels came and began chopping the trees of the garden. Upon being asked by Achashveirosh as to what they were doing they responded that they received their orders from Haman.


Why was Haman towering over Esther?[9]

An angel came and pushed Haman on top of Esther. Every time he tried to get up the angel pushed him back on top of her. Esther began screaming for help from the king.[10] When Achashveirosh returned and saw Haman in this position [and heard the screams of Esther] he became even more infuriated.


How many days passed between the decree and the death of Haman?

Only four days! The decree was sent out on the 13th of Nissan[11] and Haman was killed on the 16th.[12] The Midrash[13] states that Haman wrote the decrees on the 3rd of Nissan and was hung on the 17th.


Celebrating Haman’s death each year:[14]

One is to make a special meal on the second day of Peach in honor of the death of Haman. This is in commemoration of the meal which Queen Esther made with Haman and Achashveirosh on the 16th of Nissan, which led to the hanging of Haman.[15]


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