Spoils/Rescinding the decree

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The spoils-Appointment of Mordechai-Rescinding of the decree of annihilation:[1]

The estate of Haman was given to Esther. The signet ring was then passed to Mordechai, and Esther appointed Mordechai as the ruler of the estate of Haman. Esther falls to her knees and pleas before the king to rescind the evil decree of Haman against the Jews. The king replies to Esther and Mordechai that he cannot rescind the decree, although they have permission to write new decrees regarding the Jews as they see fit.


How was it permitted for Esther to keep the estate of Haman if he was a descendant of Amalek?[2]

Some say that the Mitzvah to destroy Amalek and all of his possessions was only applicable to a Jewish king, and hence did not bind Esther to fulfill it. Others[3] say that in truth Haman was not a descendant of Amalek after all. The Rebbe explains that the Mitzvah to destroy the possessions does not apply to their objects and only applies to their animals. The reason for this is because an animal cannot be changed and hence will forever carry the memory of Amalek. However possessions can be changed and altered to a new appearance and hence they lose their recognition of their previous owner. 


[1] 8/1-8

[2] Likkutei Sichos 14/90

[3] Based on Yerushalmi Yevamos 2/6; Bnei Yissachar Adar 6/1

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