One only sins due to a spirit of insanity-Ruach Shtus

One only sins due to a spirit of insanity-Ruach Shtus:[1]

The Sages[2] state that a person does not transgress a sin unless a spirit of folly enters him. This means that the person sins due to being cloudy minded and not thinking through the reality of the results of his sin. He thinks he can remain attached to Hashem despite the sin, when in truth every sin is likened to idolatry and separates one’s soul from G-d for that moment. This is similar to a married woman who gets seduced into sinning with another man. At the time of the sin she is lightheaded, not taking into account the betrayal and ultimate damage this will do to her relationship with her husband, her family and in essence herself. The lust she has clouds the reality of the situation and challenges her to make a grave mistake that defies intellect. The same applies by all sin, that the Kelipa garbs one’s G-dly soul and prevents its expression of reason to prevent the sin.

[1] Tanya chapter 24

[2] Sotah 3a

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