Tzadik Elyon and Tzaddik Tachton; Yosef and Binyamin

Tzadik Elyon and Tzaddik Tachton; Yosef and Binyamin:[1]

There exists two types of Neshamos, Tzadik Elyon and Tzadik Tachton; Yosef and Binyamin. Yosef is the Tzadik Elyon and represents Hiskashrus of Atzilus to Biyah. Binyamin is Tzadik Tachton and represents Hiskashrus of Biyah to Atzilus. That is why Rachel had a difficult birth as Binyamon represents the opposite of birth. So too in Mitzvos, some Mitzvos are in form of Haala [karbanos] and others in form of Hamshacha [Tallis]. Today we affect these two levels through Torah and Miztvos. The Yoshvei Ohel effect the Hamshacha to Penimyus of worlds, while the Baalei Asakim to the External part of worlds.

[1] Tora Or Teruma 160

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