The Beirurim in Yimos Hamaishiach

Beirurim by Yimos Hamaishiach:[1]

While we are still in Galus since we are connected below we do not have the ability to elevate above the sparks that are found in animals. Thus, the Avodah of now, zman hagalus, is only to elevate ones soul above, and refine it, and not the physical things. This is why we cannot bring karbanos today. Thus, Tefilah only corresponds to karbanos in the fact that it elevates the soul but not in the fact that it elevates other things. To elevate other things above is the purpose of Yimos Hamoshiach that then all the commands will be fulfilled in their entirety and thus all the sparks will be elevated including those that fell in the animals. This will be able to be done as by Yimos Hamashiach our souls will have reached perfection and thus can now elevate other things.

[1] Torah Oar parshas Vayechi, “Oseri lagefen ira

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