Gentile guests by night of Seder

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Gentile guests:[1]

It is forbidden to invite gentile guests on Yom Tov, for the Yom Tov meal.[2] If, however, the gentile arrived on his own, one may offer him and give him to eat, although it is forbidden to press on the gentile to eat if he does not accept the initial offer.[3]

Housemaid:[4]  It is permitted to have a gentile housemaid eat the Yom Tov meals with one’s family.



May one give a piece of his Matzah to a gentile guest?[5]

One may not distribute from his Matzahs Mitzvah, which is the three Matzahs of his Seder plate, to a gentile. [Other Matzah, however, may be given to a gentile.]

Whose parents should a newlywed couple join for the Seder, the Chasan’s or the Kallah?[6] 

During the first year of marriage, it is customary amongst many for the couple to join the Seder of the wife’s parents.

 A Minyan of participants:[7]

Some are accustomed to have a Minyan of participants present by the Seder, just as was customary to be done in Temple times.


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